Payne – May 1st, I just have to use it more and more every day. The Triton resembles other units in the Triton range, but adds a silver handle on top for attachment to a carabiner if needed. Even aviators have altimeters in thier airplanes that show altitude in FEET!! Just updated to the 1. I am thinking of taking it out to the rifle range, gluing it to the center of a target at yards, and sighting in my Weatherby on it.

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Thanks again to all tfiton you for the heads up!! I had a lot of complaints with the MapSend V. Sounds like your Topo NW Region does not have the latest data set — have you checked for upgrades? So I converted my old MapSend V.

Magellan Triton 2000 Handheld

An onscreen compass, pedometer, weather barometer, LED torch, voice recorder and MP3 player are also included. If you have a PN then we need to talk.

After many more phone calls and emails I was directed to the Nat Geo website, why not put that info or a link to Nat Geo on the Magellan website????? It is s till missing turn by turn routing but that is promised in a future version of the firmware. I may be unaware of recent developments along that line. My unit locks up all the time. Now, I’m pretty sure that I turned it off yesterday, so that’s a no no for this unit. I am 200 computer savvy, and have scads of friends who are longtime GPS users.


Magellan Triton | TechRadar

I bought and have been using this GPS unit for the last 3 weeks. I wanted to try this out since I have really been impressed by the Magellan Explorist So for right now, I’m saying it’s not too bad other than the battery thing, and the screen.

About to embark on my ecology career mxgellan in the woods and am looking to buy my first GPS unit.

And I have been using the software since before NG bought them. It has to do with a guide book writing deal. Like other devices in this class, the Triton is IPX-7 waterproof rated, and water 20000.

The touch screen makes this device much easier to use than units that only have a navigational pad. Added information screens and the ability to turn the screens griton and off — these two features alone bring it up to par with my Magellan GPS that still works! Regular size and not the micro one. Any grade school kid can pick up a free state road map at the local gas station and have in his hand a more accurate and detailed reference than topo USA!! My unit works flawlessly, I am very happy with it.


Handlebar Mount Magellan Triton Mobilemapper6. There is a rumor that Magellan is coming out with a new Explorist model.

Magellan Triton Handheld | eBay

Payne – May 1st, Skip to main content. I purchased my unit in the US. I appreciate your time. View photos and listen to MP3 files via the embedded speaker or headphone jack. Would you buy this?

Magellan Triton 2000

Those functions are fairly typical of high end handheld GPS devices. So what else will we find in this series?

I am thinking of taking it out to the rifle range, gluing it to the center of a target at yards, and sighting in my Weatherby on it. They were both blank!!!