The single best book written about the life, on and off the field, of Lyman Bostock. As soon as the ’78 season began, Bostock felt the weight of excessive dollar signs. Two of those are early-morning phone calls to a home we had in Prior Lake:. Beginning in the early s, not guilty by reason of insanity could no longer be used as a get-out-of-confinement-free card. She has traveled the country, experienced love and loss, joy and pain. I knew he was very close to an uncle who lived in Gary, Indiana, just outside Chicago.

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Annie Pearl found another blue-collar job at a hospital, and Lyman eventually excelled on the diamond at Manual Arts High School, where he hit third, played center field and was named first-team All-Southern League as bosrock senior. He batted left-handed and threw right-handed. That night, the Yankees sent a limo to Jones’ house and treated him and his wife to a fancy dinner.

Lyman Bostock

He worked with local kids, contributed thousands of dollars to a new low-income housing complex, invested in a local chain of photo kiosks and an apartment complex.

Question, Comment, Feedback, or Correction? I’ll never forget the nurse walking out with all these bloody sheets and rags, holding them in her arms.

They recall a man nicknamed “Abdul Jibber-Jabber” for his bstock nonstop banter, a man whose favorite song was Chuck Mangione’s minute version of “Land of Make Believe;” a man who dreamed of one day owning a motor home; a man who, former Angels center fielder Rick Miller recalls, “was one of the best people you’d ever be blessed to know.


All they can do is make him comfortable before he dies.

Everyone really liked Lyman. California Angels Lyman Bostock jumps back to first base safely during the 4th inning as Kansas City Royals Clint Hurdle bostcok for the throw on an attempted double play June 26, On the morning of Sept.

Wrestling Legend Teddy Long.

I can’t tell you what it is. They came in Cadillacs and other cars. Baseball was an establishment game.

Hall of Famer Rod Carew says Bostock had the potential to become a member of the 3,hit club. Lyman Bostock hit for the cycle on July 24,the fourth player in a Minnesota Twins uniform to complete a cycle, the second lefty hitter.

Fifth and Jackson

We had printed an L. Turner dashed into a grocery store, begging for someone to call I want to tell him what he put Youvene Whistler through, about oymon she thinks about every month, when Lyman’s lymonn pension check arrives in the mail. As soon as the ’78 season began, Bostock felt the weight of excessive dollar signs.

And then — on the verge of reliving the death of Lyman Bostock, her beloved husband — she will do nothing. However, the donated glove was for left-handed fielders.

The Inspiring Life and Tragic Death of Lyman Bostock – The Grueling Truth

It seemed to be a bostoc case-closed deal. His April batting average was a miserable. Bostock frequently caught fly balls this way for the rest of his baseball life.


With Bostock inside a closed casket, Youvene, wearing a white dress, and Annie Pearl, clad in purple, were escorted obstock the front of the church.

Five days after Lymonn death, more than people squeezed into the Vermont Square Methodist Church in Los Angeles to bid farewell to a year-old man who would have cringed at all the attention. They weren’t in his life. When Abdul-Jalil al-Hakim, Bostock’s agent, told The Sporting News that “we just bostoxk to sit back, rub our hands and wait for the money to fall into them,” the ballplayer surely cringed. Two phone calls still stick out from four decades ago.

Subscribe to our Newsletter. But five days after Bostock was killed, Pope John Paul died of a heart attack following a mere 33 days as pontiff, news that seemed to wipe Bostock’s name from print. Courtesy Lyman Bostock family When he hit the open market after the season, Bostock was a highly coveted talent throughout the majors.

Lyman Bostock – Wikipedia

I remember one conversation we had early on. They came in record numbers. He would be