Utilises processing, printing and display power already available. Sequential and variable data labels. Aperture automatically switchable between 5, 6, 10 and 20mil aperture. Exclusive software upgrade features including. Not only telling the user that their barcode is of an unacceptable standard but also what and where the problem lies.

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The latest version of our software is always available to download from our website – www.

Axicon PC-6000 Barcode Verifier

Anaheim, CA US. The cost of this? Wavelength of light nm. Dual lithium-ion pc6-000 enable continuous verification for at least 5 hours on a single battery charge.

Security and tamper evident labels. This protective rubber case is moulded to slide on and grip your PV, helping to reduce accidental damage.

Eliminates effects of ambient light. Scan File Data Extractor. What about calibrating one? The verifier head can be placed just below the top, and the top located by scanning until pc-60000 decode is obtained and then moved by steps as little as 1 mm for multi scan average. Features of this unit include: Why do we think Axicon have the best verifiers?


A protective rubber cover for sxicon data collection unit is also available. PC- series — 6,10 and 20mil apertures. By simply taking the data from a saved scan and attaching it to an e-mail, you are able to leave the interpretation to us – allowing you to concentrate on print quality.

Portable barcode verifier

The vernier scale rack unit moves the head smoothly and accurately along the symbol enabling a full range of reads to be taken quickly and easily. Front flap ensures ambient light does not become an issue. The most user-friendly and comprehensive display system on the market. Barcode quality is now more significant than ever with all scanners set to recognise symbols printed to international standards.

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Contacting Auto ID Solutions contactus autoidsolutions. A vital part of any quality management system.

Axicon Series Verifier – Best Price Available Online – Save Now

Axicon were the first to introduce this technology and it remains one of the major strengths of the Axicon system. Our verifiers are used to measure the quality of linear and 2 dimensional barcodes, on all levels of packaging. Fixed position of CCD array. They check all aspects of the printed barcode symbol and present the verification data in a clear and comprehensive manner. Any failure can either stop the printer or give a warning. The labels can either be returned to the internal rewinder or reloaded to an external rewinder.


Utilises processing, printing and display power already available. Exclusive software upgrade features, including EAN data content checking, scan storage and Product Look Up, can either be supplied as part of the package or as a field upgrade to the standard unit.

Axicon PC6015 Series Linear Bar Code Verifier

Mains powered printer or battery powered printer. No damage to symbol.

Updates are available for the,and range verifiers. Also allows for results to be e-mailed for remote diagnostics.